Wednesday, May 21, 2014

4th grade

This story is going to be about the dislikes and like in and out of school. Now one of my dislikes in school is math. My first like in school is recess.
        My likes in school are the nice and fun teachers and recess. I also like P.E. because we get to do fun stuff like football, soccer, freeze tag, capture the flag and fun sports like those. My likes out of school are going to the pool because I  go off the slides and diving boards because you jump off a high board I also like going to the park and the beach because ewe get to go swimming, and I like jumping off the far dock, but sometimes I get cut by zebra muscles.
        My dislikes of school are homework and math because it is boring. I also don't like guidance. My dislikes out of school are rude people. I also don't like people who keep laughing during the movies when it is not even a funny part. I don't like that because then I cant hear.
        That was my story about my likes and dislikes in and out of school. The fourth grade was my best grade so far. I want my fifth grade teacher to be the same way. I hope you liked it learned something about it. I hope you liked watching my story.

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