Monday, April 28, 2014


      The leaves are falling, and birds are chirping it is fall. Fall is my favorite season. It's fun playing catch with my dad and going on hikes. Sometimes I even go camping after I am done with hikes. When we go camping, I usually go to a nearby park or else I bring my bike and ride it around the camp site. That is one of the reasons why fall is my favorite season. When I go hiking, I go hiking up a hill. When I got tired, I had lunch at a close picnic bench. Then when I get up far on a hill, I walk back down.
           Then in October I go trick or treating. I eat like all of my candy on that night. I go with a friend. Sometimes I go jumping in leaf piles, gut after 3 times it gets all messed up. Then I pick up sticks for my grandma. The only reason I rake leaves is because I can jump in the pile and get paid. I go to the Mall of America sometimes in the fall. We go swimming at the Boyer pool if there is nothing to do.
        Since I just start school, I usually get new shoes. My old shoes are about torn apart. I go to some Vikings' games because it is a new season. I go to my friend's houses when I get back from school or else they come to my house. We usually play football or catch. Sometimes when it is cold, we play the Xbox. Then I go to church on Wednesdays.
      I play with my dog at my dads and play baseball with him. I get annoyed the dumb bugs in fall outside. They are all on the windows. Some of them are big and some are small. A lot of them are box elder bugs. I sign up for YSF football. It's fun because you to do drills and get tackled. The only thing bad is you do practice 10 or 15 times and only do like 4 or 6 times.
         I spend the night at friends' houses in fall a lot. Once, I spent the night in a tent with Ethan, but we went back inside because it was UN comfy. We watched shows on his Ipod. In the afternoon, we went to tropical ice and got snow cones. We went back inside at night and slept on the couches. I had an omelet for breakfast. Then I went back home because I had to go somewhere.
        I went to the fossil park. I found a lot of fossils. I played Minecraft. I killed animals to get a ton of beeves, because my food bar was empty. Then my mom said it was a beautiful day outside and I should be playing outside.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Game

Freeze Tag By Jack and Rebecca Directions Number of Players : Three or more players Equipment : None Object of the Game : The person who is it : try to get everyone frozen Persons who are not it : run from the tagger and if one of your teammates are frozen, try to unfreeze them without getting tagged by the tagger. Get Ready : Go find a empty area where you have a enough room to run around. Then pick a person to be it out of the group of people. If you have a big group you can choose two people to be it. Play : Who ever is it will have to chase everyone and try to tag everyone. The other players on there team can unfreeze them, but if everyone gets frozen then he or she wins. Then next game the last person who got tagged is it next round.